and improve your flight safety !

Your paper checklists won’t fall short of batteries for sure, but they are useless if stowed away in the aircraft when you need them the most.

CHECKL!ST is the best iOS solution to assist any pilot and back him up anytime when the situation requires it at a very reasonable cost.

Easy-to-use and so powerful, CHECKL!ST will become your best friend along with your favorite moving map app running altogether to be the perfect digital safety combination for your flights.

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C208B Caravan Checklist - Courtesy of Cessna Aircraft - Textron Aviation

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Flight Clubs & Schools

Offer your student pilots, instructors and members all your aircrafts checklists on the best and most reliable application without any compromising on flight safety.


Commercial /
Non Profit Operators

Create your turboprops or helicopters checklists as per your Standard Operating Procedures and share them with your pilots on your own and private catalog at the best price.

CHECKL!ST private pilots

Private / Owner Pilots

CHECKL!ST is the right app for you combined with your favorite moving map app to get the best and most reliable safety combination whether on ground or inflight.



Manage your virtual catalog of official checklists and share them with all your owner pilots who trust you, your planes and CHECKL!ST to make each of their flights an unforgettable experience of safety and confidence.

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Get the most of your checklist !

CHECKL!ST has been designed and developed by pilots for pilots around this simple motto:


Therefore, CHECKL!ST offers the best efficiency ever with unpredecented safety features either used for basic training planes or high performance aircrafts in an intuitive and straight forward user interface application, by comparison with other competitors.