All 'critical' normal checklists whether on the ground or inflight, have direct links to their possible related emergency or group of emergencies for you to carry out without losing time searching for them.

CHECKL!ST brings amazingly fast to you all the critical situations like multiple engine failures types or fire checklists at once right at your finger tips for a maximum efficiency to ease your workload in the cockpit when you need it the most.

What You See Is What You Get !!

Identify instantly any critical emergency checklists as per their CAS messages that are displayed in your cockpit and find their exact mockup to carry them out at once.

All the CAS messages are categorized by their emergency (warning, caution or advisory) and accept multiple CAS messages combinations.

CAS (Crew Alerting System) Messages*

Night Mode

iOS native night mode with beautiful night scheme colors (documents included) to allow you to carry out  your checklists harmlessly for your eyes at night.

All your documents such like performance charts are also colored to improve your night flying experience.

Lighting fast and powerful search tool to sort out instantly all the matching emergencies checklists just by typing their first letters.

Finding your critical emergencies has never been so easy with CHECKL!ST so that you can carry out any procedure within seconds should you need to.

Emergency Search Tool

All inflight phases (whether of normal or emergencies) airspeeds are displayed so that you always have the right information at the right place.

All other relevant information that you should be aware of is also displayed right in front of you and organized in tabs.

Airspeeds tables

Item Link*

Highlights the one and only emergency checklist you have to carry out instantly among several others if your manual requires it so you don't have to think twice before selecting it.

Accessing  and carrying out the important checklists when you need to is made easy with CHECKL!ST so your flights are safer than ever.

More Features

  • Display fully optimized for iOS devices (portrait & landscape) on iPhones and iPads.

  • Use Split View to have your favourite moving map application and CHECKL!ST running simultaneously, thanks to Multitasking. (iPad only feature).

  • Easy & straightforward navigation between all checklists and phases.

  • Visual status of checklist completion as well as the items validation.

  • Checklists design as per their type (on ground, in flight, emergencies and abnormal situations) for an increased awareness of the current stage.

  • Enhanced Smart Speech feature to read out loud only the indispensable response in your Bluetooth connected headset to optimize your cockpit workflow while keeping an eye on all other related comment.

  • Visual reminder of pending checklists including emergencies.

  • Visual display of all Memory items to be carried out by heart without any checklist reference.


  • On-the-fly handnotes to write down instant clearances or frequencies to retrieve them later.

  • Collapsable / expandable Manufacturer’s notes, cautions and warning on demand.


  • Skip any item of a checklist to validate it later or dismiss it permanently.


  • Multi choice (non-linear) checklists with instant dynamic modification of the procedure to be carried out.​​


  • All the documents of the whole checklist file (such as performance charts, etc…) are organized in a unified and single tab and are accessible directly when you carry out the checklist the document was assigned to.

  • Powerful checklist editor to create your own checklist(s)*.

  • Share your checklists to your other devices or with your friends, your co-pilot or your instructor with Air Drop...

...and many more, but for you to see what CHECKL!ST has to offer, it is best to try it out...

Download it and start using it now. No registration needed !

* Requires the PREMIUM subscription

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