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Take flight with CHECKL!ST at your fingertips


Since the early years, modernisation in aviation has been a constant evolution in all aspects. From automation, engineering, design, technology to training, human factors, establishment of standards, maintenance, regulations and much more.

Any new information, feedback or discoveries has a role to play and makes a difference in our development as a pilot, whose common goal is to find the right balance between safety and efficiency.

With CHECKL!ST, we are now a part of this development. We are pleased to introduce you to an innovative, intuitive and straightforward optimised checklist application, which contains multiple features making your flying time safer, easier, and more efficient.

As pilots, we tend to continuously look for improvement, and there is always room for it, whether you are a student pilot, commercial pilot or a retired pilot flying gliders at your local flight club.

In aviation standards, ICAO, IATA and IFALPA have agreed on 8 core competencies for the flight crew. They cover all phases of a pilot career: training, evaluation, recurrency, etc.

  • Communication

  • Aircraft Flight Path Management – Manual Control

  • Aircraft Flight Path Management – Automation

  • Leadership & Teamwork

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • Application of Procedures

  • Workload Management

  • Situational Awareness

Within the following, you will find more aviation competencies, such as cockpit organisation, flight planning, multitasking, time management, task prioritisation, fatigue management and much more. All of which, will help us achieve a safer environment to perform efficiently and comfortably in our common passion.

In order to apply these competencies in a productive and practical manner, these must generally be associated with the adapted tools, such as a headset, organised flight bags, Ipad/Iphone, charts, documentation and more.

However, over the years, technology has facilitated our ease of access to any selected information. This includes the aviation industry and CHECKL!ST has identified that need in our sector by developing an app that will sooth your workload in your everyday flights.

In the upcoming weeks, we will thoroughly explain and describe how each feature of CHECKL!ST can assist in improving your pilot competencies and simplifying your pilot life.

At all times you will have:

  • SPLITVIEW (iPad only): Having difficulties juggling from your charts to your checklists or performance pages ? CHECKL!ST is Splitview compliant so your iPad allows you using at the same time your favorite moving map app and CHECKL!ST for the best efficiency and flight safety.

  • INTERLINKS: Easy access to information, with links included in each checklists, depending on the flight phases.

  • NIGHT MODE: Visual fatigue ? Having a hard time with your flashlight looking for the appropriate checklist at night ? We have an automatic enhanced NIGHT MODE.

  • CREW ALERTING SYSTEM (Messages): Problem solving & decision-making: If you are having doubts on which checklist to perform depending on the malfunctions/failure, we help you identify them and instantly provide the associated critical abnormal or emergency checklists.

  • EMERGENCY/QUICK SEARCH TOOL: Having issues locating a checklist within the countless pages of your manuals? We’ve got you covered with the our Emergency super fast and intuitive search and sorting tool.

  • ENHANCED SMART SPEECH: read out loud your checklists in your Bluetooth connected headset with a simple tap to let you focus on the flight and ease your cockpit workload.

  • Aviation Color Code is implemented to assist you distinguishing the importance of your tasks/checklists.

  • Should you want some add-ons to the various checklists within your organization, not to worry, we’ve made them customizable so you can edit them to match the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) of your choice

  • Doubts on having completed a checklist ? Visual reminders are constantly suggested.

  • An on-the-fly hand note is provided, as there are always useful clearances, frequencies or data to write down.

  • There is also a quick access to useful documents from the manuals such as performance charts (climb/cruise charts, glide charts, landing distances), airspeed calibration, airspeed tables, walk around inspection details and more.

  • As a student pilot, you're not sure about which airspeed to set for every stage of flight ? We display them on top of each checklist so you don't have to figure or lose time looking for it.

  • And so much more

CHECKL!ST is about to take flight and we’re excited to take you through our in-depth and various features over the course of our next articles.

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