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Checklists have long been regarded as the foundation of aviation standardization and safety. However, improper use and non-use are often associated or at least a contributing factor to aircraft incidents and accidents.

For these reasons, research and development becomes imperative in order to improve efficiency and reduce errors made in regards to their use. A closer look into the usage of checklists and the controversy that surrounds them will reveal a device and an associated procedure that, in addition to its basic function as a memory guide, is a generator and coordinator of multiple cockpits tasks. They are imperative to the pilot to set the pace in a flight deck.

In a previous article, we discussed the various types of checklists, which have been experimented throughout the modernization of aviation over the years. One of those types includes voice/audio checklist, which is slowly and steadily gaining popularity, proving its efficiency.

What is an audio/voice checklist?

An audio checklist is basically a unit-device that generates audible checklists preprogrammed by the manufacturer and/or the user. It can be integrated into an aircraft, or through your headset connected to your phone or iPad, using an app such as CHECKL!ST.

Checklists use

Although different methods of conducting checklists are used by airlines, most checklists formats follow the same strategy.

· Reading it out from your paper checklist in single pilot operations

· Hearing the items from your Captain, co-pilot, student or instructor

· Accomplishing the item, by verification of the correct setting or by execution of checklist item

· Responding to the outcome of the action performed

The use of Audio checklists holds several advantages. For instance, it would read out loud every item instead of you looking around for your paper checklists. It can also replace the voice of another crew. For these reasons, our team has developed and added the feature we call, Enhanced Smart Speech. You may decide to switch it on at any time of your flight.

Reduce your workload. Increase your safety!

Enhanced Smart Speech feature

In addition to the multiple features CHECKL!ST has to offer, we prioritized in developing the “Speech Mode”. The feature will read out loud one by one, the indispensable items of your checklist through your Bluetooth connected headset without any input from you.

It will allow you to carry out successfully all your checklists while optimizing your cockpit workflow and keeping your hands on the wheel.

It also only reads out loud the Challenge and its Response, but not the comments associated to the items. And if there are any simultaneous ATC communications, the app will adjust the tone of the checklist reading to make sure you do not miss any of the items.

How to use the speech mode feature

A “PLAY” icon is displayed by default on the bottom right on your screen. For your convenience, we made sure you are able to drag this icon anywhere around your screen. A quick tap on the “PLAY” icon will start the reading out of your checklist. Another tap may also pause the reading if necessary.

Particular settings are also customizables, such as:

· Speech rate: Speed at which the items are read out

· Pause duration between Challenge & Response

· Pause duration between each item read out

· Predefined accent options: American, English, French, Australian, Spanish, Deutsch and Italian

Why waste your time looking for your paper checklist and read it out when an audio checklist can do it for you?

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