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Flight Schools

Flight Schools / Flying Clubs


With CHECKLIST, create and share your checklists with your student pilots, instructors and members.


Send them an invitation to have access to your own and secure catalog to download the checklist they want and to be automatically notified when an update is available.

CHECKLIST is also the ideal tool for your students to learn, consolidate and deepen their knowledge of the aircraft systems with the expanded procedures made available within your checklists.

Lead the way by trusting us and give your members and student pilots the best chance to fly with confidence and serenity with CHECKLIST.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding how CHECKLIST can help you, we'll be glad to assist you. 

Private pilots / Owners

With CHECKLIST, whether you fly your own plane or one from your flying club, you can be sure to use the best application to fully enjoy your flights because we know that every minute in flight is precious.

Add to that your favorite moving map application running simultaneously with it thanks to Split View*, and you get the best combination to fly with confidence and safety.

CHECKLIST is the right solution for you because it brings the security and advantages of a very effective and reliable checklist app whether in the air or on the ground.

CHECKL!ST Private Pilots

It will always be there in the best but also in the worst times because CHECKLIST was designed for pilots by pilots, and we all know things can go bad anytime in a split second.

​That very split second when you ask yourself where your emergency checklists are ?

With CHECKLIST, you have them all the time right at your fingertips, always ready to be carried out when you need them the most.

Be sure to give it a look, so download and try now CHECKLIST for free, no registration needed !


*Ipad only




With CHECKLIST, open and manage a virtual catalog of your whole range of aircrafts for your owners.

Offer them the ability to use all your checklists made available from the simplest to the most advanced aircraft, thanks to CHECKLIST's incredibly powerful features.

You are at the forefront of innovation and your customers' safety goes hand in hand with reliability, just like our application, because safety is our upmost concern.

Adopt CHECKLIST to give your clients the best chance to build their trust and master your aircrafts / rotorcrafts with the most powerful checklist application dedicated and available to your products, by extending your professional image, hard work, passion and commitment to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Feel free to contact us to have the best solution tailored to your needs, we'll be happy to help and assist you.

Commercial / Charity / Non Profit Operators

You run a business or you are a non profit organization using aircrafts or rotorcrafts for private charters, air freight flights, air ambulances, or you are a governmental institution (police, firefighters), etc... ?

We can help you in your missions, as different as they may be, and assist your pilots in all circumstances to improve their safety and therefore that of your customers or your patients.


Our philosophy is to be attentive and at your disposal to offer you the best and reliable solution tailored to your most demanding needs. 


CHECKLIST is the most efficient tool to second and help your pilots on a daily basis to achieve the missions that are yours, because it's the only application offering the highest reliability and safety level for high performance aircrafts like Pilatus PC12s, Cessna Caravans / Grand Caravans or rotorcrafts like the Eurocopter EC135 or EC145 and even larger aircrafts.

Contact us and we'll be happy to find the best solution to help you regarding your needs.

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