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About Us

Founded in 2015 by an instrument and multi-engine rated pilot, SAFEAPPS’s has one goal:


Make every pilot’s flights safer !

It was already the case with our former checklist app released in 2017: Aero Checklist.

With your help and your precious feedback, we have completely re-written it to offer you a better and safer app with CHECKLIST, because we think you deserve more than our engagement to have the best checklist app at hand.


That's why we are especially committed in CHECKLIST to let you fly confidently and have the best supporting life saving combination running altogether with your favorite moving map app. You can now enjoy every minute of your flight and be proud of being thousand feet above our beautiful planet Earth.

To us, a safe flight is not only taking off, flying and landing successfully. Indeed, mastering a flying metal thing, being prepared to any situations and going back home with your best smile to tell how "great a flight !" it was with CHECKLIST at your side is our best reward.

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